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Presentations, social media design and other digital services from Bucks Creative in Milton Keynes are great ways to get yourself seen on screen. Website design allows you to improve your online visibility.

Our web and digital services include:

Digital presentation design

If you want to impress your audience and inspire them to take action, we can design digital presentations that create more of a visual impact. We use digital tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Creative Cloud and therefore save the file as a digital PDF which is suitable for web distribution. Should you need additional elements included such as video or animation, these can be embedded within the presentation. This will not only grab your audience’s attention, but it will help to communicate with them much more effectively.

eBooks and digital brochures

Content is becoming more readily available online. This can include interactive eBooks, PDFs and electronic publications (EPUBs). These are ideal for corporate and informative documents. We can create digital eBooks and interactive brochures for your business, which we can also add to your website. These publications are useful for data capture purposes and lead generation, and can sit within any page of your website. They can also form part of a landing page if you want to run a campaign for a specific target audience. They are also useful as interactive sales pitches, which removes the need for expensive printing and shipping costs. Presenting such a document at a meeting on a large screen or iPad/tablet can also add the modern touch to your presentation delivery.

There are many things you can do with eBooks and digital brochures. For example, a simple click allows a user to magnify images or content or watch an embedded video. It is also possible to add interactive features, such as maps, which may include icons that can be selected so that further information pops up. If using them as an e-commerce feature, users can click on a price tag, for example, and additional information can pop up with the ability to Add to Basket.

Social media asset creation

Social media assets include mobile-friendly header images, social profile images and post assets for all major social platforms. Many companies use stock imagery that you’ve probably seen countless times. At Bucks Creative, we can make your brand stand apart from everyone else’s with custom designed assets that can be used across all social platforms.

We also see more and more companies adding their own logos to their social profiles. More often than not, they do not realise that logos can get cropped incorrectly on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. To visitors of your profile, this looks untidy and may turn them away. We can provide high-quality profile logos for your company, cropped to the correct size for the platform they will sit on and pixel perfect.

Website design

Bucks Creative typically build WordPress websites, as they enable customers to look after their own site with minimal training as long as they have access to the internet and can use a word processor. There are also a variety of tools and plugins for optimising content for SEO purposes. These are forever being updated to match the technology that Google is using to develop its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) capabilities.

We also design web creative for other platforms, including HTML and Bootstrap.

Website design starts with focusing on the navigation and layout. We first create a sitemap which forms the navigational structure of the site. We then spend time working out the most effective user journey for visitors, ensuring they can find their way around and locate the answers to their queries quickly. Finally, once the structure is agreed, a visual of the Homepage (which is theoretically a shop window) is designed for review by the client. Approval is required before we start building the elements into the new site.

We ask that content is supplied and matches the agreed structure of the site. That way, we can populate the website for our clients.

All websites that Bucks Creative design looks fresh, engaging, and are intuitive to navigate. Our website creative clearly identifies the company it is intended for so that its visitors know immediately that they have landed on the right page.

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