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5 top tips to improve your businesses image

Appearance is king and good appearance leads to effective communication. We’re offering 5 tips to improve image & boost profit, so take a read and let us know what you think.

The below is aimed at both small and large businesses and refers to any type of communication you may be getting involved with the creation of; from posters and presentations to social media posts and e-newsletters.

  1. Simplicity is key – For the first of our “5 top tips”, we thought we’d mention a problem we see a lot. When you are trying to communicate either within your business or externally to customers, the image you set to these people needs to be clear and concise so to not confuse the message you are trying to convey. Over complicating and “over fluffing” the communication piece can lead people astray from where you are trying to target them too.
  2. Be different – Let’s say you want to create a poster for a particular subject, such as a Christmas party. Search the web and see what other companies are doing as inspiration (see what is trending). Then decide whether you would like to stick to the trend or add your own twist of creativity (and be a trendsetter).
  3. And breathe – It’s common for any designed piece of collateral to have as much information crammed onto it, but sometimes this can cloud the eyes and mind of its reader leading to glazing over and then walking away and forgetting. In connection to tip number one, keep it simple. A bit of white space goes a long way on any printed or digital media and can actually strengthen your message.
  4. Get opinions from different people – We all have our own ways of working, thinking and responding to subliminal messages within creative communications. Getting different people that your collateral might not even be targeted at to give their views can help to streamline your ideas and create a stronger piece. Tell them about it, describe it, who it’s aimed at etc – This can trigger thoughts of your own and build a better bank of ideas to take forward and develop.
  5. Avoid Comic Sans – Every designer’s nightmare is seeing the dreaded typeface Comic Sans. It’s basically a bit of a clown-like font which in all intent is there to be easily read by all ages. But it’s a tricky font to work with when creating typographical pieces and let’s face it, it’s used quite a bit. So linking up to tip number two, be different, try a different font that people aren’t using – check out for inspiration.

If you need help with any of the above or require design advice, give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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