5 tips to boost your creativity

5 tips to boost your creativity

Inside this weeks blog we’ll be looking at the power of Google (and other search engines), discovering trending topics, and how fresh air can help your creative flow. All part of our ‘5 tips to boost your creativity’ blog.

1. Look at what’s trending

The power of Google (and other search engines) is immense. Search key words to discover trending topics, key articles and news. For example, searching for ‘the top 10 creative campaigns of 2017’ will return millions of inspiring articles. Use this tool to your advantage, instantly discover campaigns that work and build mood boards to get your creative juices flowing. Searching social networks such as Pinterest is another good research technique.

2. Simple IS effective

Nowadays, each time you post online, you get around three seconds of the audience’s attention. Therefore, it’s time lower the word count and keep your designs strikingly simple…

Start with a catchy title, then use key words to get to the point quickly. As a rule, the audience’s attention must be stimulated within three seconds to retain it. Using attractive images or infographics is an effective method to achieve results.

Keep the main body of your text well-structured, clear and concise. Only use images relating to the copy and implement graphics where possible. For example; for a music venue, creating a list of upcoming performances at your venue, alongside artwork and links to purchase tickets. The more straightforward the user journey, the higher the possibility of sales.

3. Content is king

Successful content creators know how to tell a story that makes the audience smile. As ironic as it is, the more you sell to the social audience, the less sales you’ll actually make. Filling your feed with sales, offers and push messages will alienate and disengage your audience. Social media is meant to be fun, so create quality content and keep it that way, you’ll find your new sales tactic much more enjoyable as well as successful.

4. Give yourself space to think

The environment around you has a big impact on your quality of work. Ensure the space is well-organised and has ample natural light. Surround yourself with previous examples of your own work and inspiring pieces from others. This will maximise the potential of eureka moments, by ensuring you’re staring into blank space!

5. Don’t be cooped up indoors all day

If you find yourself hitting a mental block, don’t waste time staring at an empty page, go for a short walk, get some fresh air and come back to it. Health professionals also recommend a minimum of 15-minute brisk walking each day. This helps to circulate blood flow as well as ideas!

Hope the above has helped, if there’s anything you think we might be able to help out with your creativity, feel free to get in touch.

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